Registration Opens                                  Monday, May 1st ($12 fee via PayPal)

Volunteer Schedule Opens                      Wednesday, June 27th at 7pm

Sign up for Concierge Tagging prior to: Sunday, July 1st

Set Up                                                        Thursday, August 9th 8am -10am

Drop-Off (by appointment)                         Thursday, August 9th 9am - 1pm

Team Member & Consignor Presales      Thursday, August 9th

          Pro Shop (12hr+):                                                                  2:30am-9pm
          College Shop (9hr+):                                                              3:30am-9pm
          Varsity  Shop (6hr+):                                                               4:00pm-9pm
          J.V. Shop (3hr+):                                                                     4:30pm-9pm
          Consignor Shop (no volunteer hours):                                    5:00pm-9pm

Public Presales                                           Thursday, August 9th

           Ticketed Presale                                                                    6:00pm-9pm

           Invitation Only FOC Presale:                                                 7:00pm-9pm

Public Shopping                                           Fri & Sat, August 10th & 11th 


           Public Sale                                                                             Friday 10am-7pm

           Public 1/2 off Shopping                                                          Saturday 8am- 12pm 

1/2 Off Sales                                                  Fri & Sat, August 10th & 11th​

          Team Members:                                                                      Friday 5pm-7pm

          Consignors:                                                                             Friday 6pm-7pm
          Public:                                                                                     Saturday 8am-12pm 

Saturday August 11th

Saturday, August 11th 2:30pm-3pm

Break Down                                                  
Saturday, August 11th 10am-4pm

Consignor & Team Member "To Do" List

May  1 -             Register as a Consignor (Here!)

June  27 -       Sign up for your Team Member shifts​ (Here!)
                          Gather your supplies & items you plan to sell
 July 1 -            Email about  concierge tagging by 7/1   

May-July -       Hang, enter and tag your items 
                           Select a Drop-off Appointment (Here!)
                           Pick up signs if you signed up for those shifts.
                           Recruit Consignors & Shoppers

August-            Thurs 8/9-- Drop off your items at your selected time.
                           Thurs 8/9-- Consignor & Team Member SHOPPING!!!!
                           Fri 8/10-- Invite everyone you know to shop.
                           Sat 8/11-- Pick up Unsold Items between 2;30 and 3 pm

The Posh Closet Sale

Calendar & Consignor To Do List

​Charlotte's finest children's consignment event

Fall (all season!) 2018 Calendar