​​The Posh Closet Sale

​Charlotte's finest children's consignment event

Why become a Team Member?

​​​​​​​​​​​​The EARLY SHOPPING of course!

Plus, it's FUN! Get your girlfriends together and help out as a group!
Consignors who help out & recruit other new consignors can retain up to 80% of their sales.

That's it! 

Shop early. Have fun. Keep more.  


The  schedule opens on  Sunday January 19th at 7pm and the sign-ups get a little competitive!   You will likely want to register as either a consignor or a team member before that time so that nothing will slow you down when you are vying for your favorite shift! You can go ahead and  do that here now!

***Please note that in order to keep the max percentage of 80% and shop at the earliest time, consignors are required to recruit at least 2 new consignors to the sale! If you are unable or unwilling to do this, you must help out for a minimum of 15 hours to keep 80%. 

Team Member Perks
4 shifts (12 hours, must include a recruit shift ) ~ Shop at 3:00pm ~ retain 80% of your sales**

2 shifts (6 hours) ~ Shop at 4:00m ~ retain 75% of your sales  
1 shift (3 hours) ~ Shop at 4:30pm ~ retain 65% of your sales 
Consign Only (no hours, 20 items or more consigned) ~ Shop at 5pm ~ retain 65% of your sales

What do Team Members do?
Special Shifts

There are many new team member shifts to choose from including an infinite number of consignor recruitment shifts, several "sign" and "sort" shifts that offer double shift credit and a few "bring a meal" shifts.  

These shifts are designed to give everyone an opportunity to  earn an early shopping time. As such, no team member or consignor may sign up for more than one meal shift. 

Meal Delivery: Deliver lunch or dinner for 6 volunteers (you will be contacted about what to bring.)
Consignor Recruitment: Recruit 2 new consignors to sell with us (who consign at least 20 accepted items and list you as their referral source)  and you'll get credit for a Team Member shift and be able to shop first.
Signs: Place (and retrieve) 10-15 yard signs in  designated places around the Ballantyne area.

On-Site Shifts
Drop Off & Set-up: Assist consignors during check in, Prepare and organize items for the sale, Inspect items for quality, Transport items from the truck to the sale floor, Arrange racks, tables and merchandise.
Sale Assistance: Direct shoppers, Organize and restock the sales floor, Assist with put-backs & check out.
Take Down, Sort & Pick up: Sort unsold items, Assist consignors at pick up, Organize and pack sale supplies, Break down racking, Load the truck.

Please note:  If you sign up for a shift and participate in early shopping and then do not show up for your scheduled shift and we cannot reschedule you for another available shift, well, that would just be wrong. Don't do it OK? It's not fair!