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Suggested  Pricing

Welcome to our Pricing Guide.  Whether you are a new consignor with us- who is trying to price for the first time and wants to be competitive, or a shopper- looking for ideas about how much you'll save by shopping with us, we hope this pricing information will be helpful for you!

For all of the brands, if the item is from last year and in excellent condition, go with the higher end of the range, if it’s a few seasons older and has a little wear go with the lower end.  It’s not a guarantee that your items will sell at these prices but it should help you sell more if you price your items within the suggested range. 

We are always here to help with any pricing questions about a specific brand or item.  Call us at 704-765-2117 or send an email to 

**Special note on INFANT clothes - baby clothes do not sell for as high a price as a similar item in a bigger size, we recommend pricing newborn up to 18 month clothing for a little less than a similar item of a larger size.** 



The majority of our smocked items sell well between $15-$25.   Some smocked items sell for $25-$35 but reserve that price range for items that are special.


Persnickety, Giggle Moon, Mustard Pie, Lemon Loves Lime, Livie & Luca, Joyfolie, are very popular brands right now.  If it is something from last season it will probably sell well around 50% of retail.  Some things may sell for more if you know it is a very popular piece.  If it’s older than last season lower the price a little for every year. 

Most other boutique brands sell for around 35%-40% of the original price.


Eleanor Rose, Sweet Honey, Well Dressed Wolf, Lolly Wolly Doodle, etc are also really popular right now and clothing in excellent condition from these brands will most likely sell for their 75-100% of its original purchase price. Keep in mind that many of these Facebook brands often offer significant sales so the original purchase price and the original retail value may be quite different.


Matilda Jane – 70% and up original retail

As long as your MJ is in great condition and isn’t outdated it is very, very likely to sell at 70% of the original price.  Depending on the popularity of the piece you may have success selling it for more than 70%.  

Item                            Retail Price               70% of retail

Dress                         $46-$54                     $33-$38
Top                             $36-$42                     $26-$30
Ruffles/Straightees    $36                             $26
Skirt                            $44                             $31
Shorties                      $32                             $23

Kelly’s Kids – 30%-50% of retail

Kelly’s Kids from last season sells well for 50% of retail.  Take the price down a little the older it is. 

MALL BRANDS – the date on the brand tag must say 2012 or newer for Gap, Gymboree and Janie and Jack.  Nothing that says 2011 or older will be accepted even if it has tags on it.

Gymboree – 20% - 33% of original price

Item                            Retail Price                 Suggested Range

casual dress               $30ish                              $6-$10
nicer dress                 $40ish                               $8-$13
skirt/skort/shorts        $25-$30                            $5-$10
tops                             $17-$27                            $5-$8
sweater                       $35                                   $7-$10                       
 - top/bottom                $55ish                               $11-$18
 - top/bottom/hat          $70ish                               $14-$20
pajamas                       $22-$29                            $5-$8
bathing suit                  $22-$30                            $5-$9
cover ups                     $30                                   $6-$10
purses                          $17-$22                            $5-$7
accessories                 $5-$11                               $2-$3 
hats                             $17-$19                             $4-$6
shoes                          $30-$35                             $6-$9

Janie and Jack – 20% - 33% of original price

Item                            Retail Price                 Suggested Range

Casual dress             $49-$59                     $12-$19
Dressier dress           $69-$99                     $15-$35
Shorts/skirt/capris     $32-$42                      $7-$13
Knit top                       $26-$29                      $6-$9
Other tops                  $34                             $7-$11
Sweater                      $49                             $10-$16
Sweater Vest              $39                             $8-$13
Boys Tee Shirt           $22                              $5-$7
Polo                            $27                              $5-$9
Roll Cuff Shirt             $36                             $7-$12
Roll Cuff Pants           $39                             $8-$13
Swim trunks               $32                             $6-$9
Bathing Suit                $37                             $7-$12
Cover Up                    $39                             $8-$13
Hat                              $22-$30                     $5-$9
Shoes                         $30-$60                     $5-$15

Gap – 20% - 33% of original price

Item                            Retail Price                 Suggested Range

Casual dress              $20-$25                     $5-$8
Dressier dress            $35-$50                     $7-$15
Shorts/skirt/capris       $20-$30                    $4-$9
Tops                             $15-$25                    $4-$8
Sweater                       $30                            $6-$9
Polo                             $17                            $5-$6
Swim trunks                $20-30                       $5-$9
Bathing Suit                 $20                            $5-$7
Shoes                          $20-$25                     $5-$8

Ralph Lauren

Item                            Retail Price                 Suggested Range

Polo dress                  $40                             $6-$9 
Polo shirt                    $35                             $5-$9
Shorts                        $40                             $7-$10

Lilly Pulitzer

Dress                          $48-$78                     $15-$25

J. Crew/Crewcuts

Item                            Retail Price                 Suggested Range

Casual dress               $45-$60                     $10-$20
Dressier dress            $68-$98                     $14-$30
Shorts/skirt/capris       $38-$60                     $7-$20
Knit top                         $30-$40                     $6-$13
Other tops                    $40-$60                     $8-$19
Sweater                        $50-$60                     $10-$20
Polo                              $25                            $5-$8
Dress Shirt                   $40                            $8-$13
Swim trunks                 $45                            $9-$15
Bathing Suit                  $50                           $10-$15