Seasoned consignors share that the easiest way to begin is to gather items, and group them by gender and by size.

 Hanging dresses, tops and jackets: Hang on children’s hangers; hanger tops should point left, forming the question mark (?) shape. 

  Hanging pants and skirts: Use PLASTIC children’s pant and skirt hangers to hang pants and skirts.

Hanging outfits: Hang items on regular or pant hangers as applicable and use a rubber band to keep items securely together.

Adding accessories: Accessories may be attached to the hanger in various ways.  Hats may be clipped on to sets with the pant hangers. Hair bows, headbands, belts, tights, jewelry and other accessories can be included in a clear plastic bag; the bag can be pierced by the hanger and placed hanging in front of the outfit.

What NOT to do: Posh Closet does not accept pinned clothing items or accessories as the resulting holes cause damage. Items with safety pins through the fabric of the clothing will not be accepted.  Clothing on wire hangers will not be accepted. Carefully check your items against the list of items we do and don't accept.


-      To enter items, please log in to your account and click on Enter Items. There is a Consignor Login link at the top of every page of the website. 

-      Select the most applicable category and size, where applicable. Assign a price of $5.00 or more. Tip! Price children’s clothing items at 25 to 33 percent of original value and price infant clothing at 20% of original value. Account for condition as you price. Pricing in fifty cent increments may increase your sales. For more information on pricing, please refer to our
pricing guide.

-      In the Description field, please include the brand and the number of pieces as well as a description that would enable The Posh Closet Sale  to match the tag to the item should they become separated. We can not sell an item without a tag. 

-      If you would like your items to be discounted by 50% on the last day of the sale, check the  Discount box.

-      If you would like to donate any unsold items at the end of the sale, please check the  Donate box. All items marked to donate will automatically be marked to discount

-      Finally, select Add Item to add the item to your inventory.


-      Get your paper. Tags must be printed on white or very light colored 60# or 67# weighted paper, also known as Cover or Card Stock. Cover Stock is available in office supply stores in the paper aisle. Michaels has it in small packages of 20 sheets for around $2. Tip!: Seasoned consignors recommend picking up a pack to account for mistakes, reprints and additions. Your tags will print 8 to a page from a PDF file that you will create when you click on "Generate Tags".

-      Prior to printing, please set your printer  to "Standard" or "Normal".  Printing with settings on  "best", "fast draft" or other non-standard settings results in tags that are difficult for our scanners to read.

-      You’re ready to tag! Just cut them out and attach them to your items.

· For  Apparel and Accessories: Print your tags and attach using a tagging gun. Put the tag in a seam, preferably arm pit or side seam, or on the inner brand/size tag, to avoid putting a hole in the fabric. Incorrectly tagged items or items damaged by improper tagging will not be accepted. 

·  For Shoes and Gear:  Fasten tags to shoes and gear using string, ribbon or zip ties. Punch a hole in the tag and put the zip tie or string through the hole before fastening shoes together or to fasten the tag to the item for sale. Do not put shoes in bags unless there is no other way to attach them. Shoe boxes will not be displayed. Some items may require packing tape to adhere the tag. Please try not to cover the barcode on the tag with tape. "Shiny" tags are difficult for our scanners to read.


Sign up for uberPosh instead! We can do all the work for you and you keep 40% of your sales. We will make arrangements to get your clothing, hang it, enter it online, tag it and get it to the sale for you!  Email us at theposhclosetsale@gmail.com or call 704-765-2117 for more information. Just want to drop of it off and then SHOP!?!?  Posh-on-the-Spot  is for you! Sign up, drop off your items the morning of the sale and keep 45-50% of the sold price of your items and use it to shop for more!! 


Have an item you’re not sure about including? Something you aren’t sure how to tag? No worries- the peeps at The Posh Closet Sale are here to help. Text/Call: (704) 765-2117 or e-mail:  theposhclosetsale@gmail.com.


 Our pricing guide and list of brands that we accept.

Appropriate sized plastic hangers (we do not accept clothing on wire hangers)

Card Stock paper for printing tags. (see the Consignor Instructions below for details on how to enter and print your tags via computer) 

Tagging gun and fasteners or safety pins. (Tagging gun preferred!--buy one by emailing us HERE.) 

A few rubber bands, zip ties or ribbon, and some packing tape may also come in handy. 

​​The Posh Closet Sale

​Charlotte's finest children's consignment event

Instructions for Entering  & Tagging!